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Mexican Oregano: Essential in Mexican Gastronomy

Mexican oregano and its importance in Mexican cuisine: Discover its most popular uses. Add it to your favorite dishes and find our spices in our online store.

What is Mexican Oregano?

Mexican oregano is an aromatic spice that has been a crucial element in gastronomy for centuries. It is widely known for its intense flavor and aroma, which adds depth to a variety of dishes.

Types and Presentations of Oregano

There are several types of oregano, with Mexican oregano and Greek oregano being prominent examples. The presentations include fresh, dried, or dehydrated oregano, available in whole leaves or ground.

Difference between Mexican Oregano and Greek Oregano

Mexican oregano and Greek oregano are distinct varieties of the same plant, but they differ in terms of taste, aroma, and appearance. Mexican oregano is more commonly used in Mexican cuisine and stands out for its robust and earthy flavor. On the other hand, Greek oregano has a milder and slightly bitter taste, making it ideal for Mediterranean dishes.

Aromatize Your Mexican Dishes with Dried Oregano

Mexican oregano is an essential ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Its distinctive flavor enhances the taste of the most popular dishes. It can be used either fresh or dried, with the dried or dehydrated form intensifying its flavor. Its most common uses include:

Marinades and Moles

Mexican oregano perfectly complements Mexican marinades and moles, adding complexity to the flavors. It is a fundamental part of preparing birria, barbacoa, or moles.

Stews and Broths

Adding oregano to your stews and broths enhances the flavor of your ingredients and gives them an authentic Mexican touch. It is traditional to use it in menudo, pozole, or beef tongue dishes, and it’s one of the essential spices in the herb bouquet for stews.

For Sauces and Dressings

Looking for a special touch for your salads? Mexican dried oregano will make your salads more appealing and flavorful. It is part of Mexican traditions to use it in salsa for carnitas, salsa for tortas ahogadas, tomato salsa for tacos dorados, gorditas, or sopes. It is also used in marinating and seasoning pickled jalapeños with carrots, onions, and garlic. Remember the Mexican Salpicón? Its dressing base includes oregano, which gives this great dish its perfect touch and unique flavor. It is also used in cambray potatoes with golden chicken. If your favorites are salads, it is used in dressings based on Greek yogurt, olive oil, and all kinds of vinaigrettes.

Mexican Dishes Topped with Mexican Dried Oregano


• Pozole

• Salpicón

• Salsa for tacos

• Tortas ahogadas

• Carnitas (Michoacán-style)

• Fried cambray potatoes

• Salad vinaigrettes

• Tostadas with pickled pork skin

• Tostadas with beef feet

• Grilled chicken

• Grilled chicken breast

• Pickled jalapeños

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