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Most Popular Mexican Crushed Red Peppers

Dried chile and its importance in Mexican cuisine, the foundation of every dish. Discover more here and find them in our online store.
The tradition of dried chile in Mexican cuisine is an ancestral heritage that has transcended generations. It is known for enhancing the flavors of dishes. The use of dried chiles reflects the cultural richness of Mexico and its influence on world gastronomy. Both fresh and dried chiles are fundamental elements in Mexican cooking. Here are some green chiles and their names when they become dried chiles:

Dried Chile Name and Its Name When Green

Dried chile is one of the most emblematic spices in Mexican cuisine. It is obtained by dehydrating or allowing them to dry, and dried chiles provide distinctive flavor and color to dishes. Among the most popular dried chiles are:

Chile Guajillo

With its characteristic sweet and tangy flavor, guajillo is widely used in the preparation of sauces and marinades. When the chile is green, it is known as Mirasol or Miracielo. You should not confuse it with chile pulla, which is smaller and has more pointed tips. Additionally, guajillo chile is not spicy, while pulla chile is.

Chile Ancho

Recognized for its fruity flavor and moderate spiciness, ancho chile is an essential element in moles, marinades, chilaquiles, and Jalisco-style enchiladas. It is known as Poblano chile when green, and depending on its type, it can be dried as ancho or mulato chile, the latter having a darker color.

Chile Pasilla

With smoky notes and a touch of bitterness, pasilla chile is a popular choice for seasoning meats and stews. It is also one of the foundations for dark moles. When green, it is known as chile chilaca, and its spiciness is very mild or non-existent.

Chile Jalapeño or Cuaresmeño

A popular green chile, when dried, it becomes chile morita. When further smoked, it turns into chile chipotle. For this, it must mature and turn red to achieve the best result in smoked chipotle. It is known for its moderate spiciness and its ability to add a special touch to salsas, stews, and dressings.

Chile Serrano

When dried, it is known as chile de árbol, only in Jalisco, Mexico, it has the designation of origin from Yahualica chile. There are others similar, such as chile de india or chile de china, but only chile de árbol or Yahualica provides an unparalleled flavor to Mexican salsas. It is intensely spicy, but nothing compares to its unique taste, making it very characteristic.

Chile Cascabel

This chile imparts flavor to the most sophisticated Mexican dishes. When fresh, it is known as chile bola or manzano. It is used in moles, marinades, and sauces.

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Mexican Regional Dishes by State

Chile is a highly representative ingredient of Mexico and all its regional dishes. It is used to add flavor, color, or spiciness. Discover them all!

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